whatsapp is blowing up this morning and i look through fifty or so messages of exotic nature scenes until reaching the last post of someone sharing a view of traffic from the drivers seat. that one was so real it paused the sharing reel.

it started with someone asking others to send a photo of where they are with the intention of us feeling more connected. unexpectedly i’d began to feel envious and as the psychology of social media rang its bells in my head i put the phone away. it wasn’t the scenery so much as a reminder of observing existence in a present and relaxed state whilst knowing it isn’t arrived to through physical transport.

while making coffee i listen to the kids and their conversations about computers, airplanes, music, friends and school. they seem to be weaving them together as one topic and if i were truly following i’d stop them to ask fifty questions but they seem to understand the half sentences and one word descriptions of people and things. i laugh on my way here to write and share my thoughts.

they are my nature scene and although most everyone shared tree, ocean, and sunset landscapes, i know it’s who they’re sharing them with that gives the landscape its beauty.