bias city

if one more person says my optimism bias is off the charts i’m gonna flip out.

one, we’ve already established this long ago and two, although it’s pointed out as weakness i disagree and call it a strength. most days that is.

there are some days when i’m ridiculous with imaginings. just yesterday i had a fleeting moment of wanting to be pregnant again. blink of an eye fleeting but enough to see the whole picture – to recognize that i don’t know what it looks like to be a mom that doesn’t do everything – and since i can’t imagine anything else, well, that’s why it was fleeting.

all the other days though. the ones where people stand in my face to rage about the failings of the USA, the only country they know intimately, bias activated. they don’t acknowledge the world as a whole suffers and on days when i’m forced to nod and hide clenched fists behind my back i ignore external conflict, internal wars and global atrocities. i ignore the dow, his brothers, sisters and cousins sitting in corners to complain about gas prices when not a one of them is familiar with anything but ride sharing and the inconvenience of being asked outright for a tip.

my tip is this: don’t get so caught up in the world you forget to master your own domain, cause hell if that isn’t the job we’ve been hired for without an interview and on a pay scale that shifts between night and day, a ration commiserating with each dawn.