missing sentences

speechless i was when the receptionist said every specialists calendar was filled and she could not make an appointment. part of me was silent because there was nothing i could do about it but the other part of me was irritated that she didn’t follow up with alternatives. we’re not talking about a place with population 100 so my face is wearing a “wtf news article did i miss this time expression?”

if i was calling for myself i wouldn’t have made a stink. i’d have accepted it at face value and called back another time. but she wanted to end with, “is there anything else i can help you with?”

i didn’t mean for the laugh to come out but it did cause “anything else” suggested she’d helped me previously. i judged her right then and there, deciding she was super new at her job or had been doing it so long she hated it. there’s an implied humanity to helping someone but to suggest it without doing it implies an absence of humanity.

i had to ask the next series of questions on my mind but was super gentle about it, almost doe like cause if i had to do what she did i couldn’t handle answering the phone and pretending i was there to do something i wasn’t sure i could do.

wait a minute.

maybe we have the same job.