paint & i

When no one is here I tend to clean, clean until it hurts. That was yesterday.

Today was pet rock, ornament and canvas vibes.

I would put on my pajamas but it’s still early and I don’t want to feel like an invalid. I’m fairly dressed up though my only social interaction was with the Amazon delivery guy which could be summed up as strange as hell because the door was open and as I was folding clothes he walked up, stopped and performed an awkward ten second “I’m looking at you” stare before leaving a box two feet away from where I stood, turning and walking away without a word. I began wondering what a stressful job delivering things must be especially this time of year and if maybe I was part of the problem for placing a rush delivery on paintbrushes.

They and a walk were the last things needed to start a solo painting party. Now the paint is drying and I’m pooped, a nice dress lost to oil. A midnight gift exchange is around the corner and though I’m not sure if I’ll show up I’ll be there, half-dried art and all.

It’s quiet but peaceful.