43 times but probably more

that’s how many times he opened my email in the last two days. enough times that i won’t even go back and read what i wrote cause for better or worse my words are a translucent transfer of emotions. for him to open it that many times means it sent him into some kind of frenzy demanding action.

i’m not sure which word or sentence did it and i’m not sure i want to know. at the time i was writing with part passion, part compassion and part i don’t give a fuck what your title is but the way i see it you’re wrong. don’t mean i’m right of course, just means that do overs aren’t a thing that happens without the consequence of acknowledging we’re ink and not erasers.

it was honest enough that there will be change. but when you get raw like that the change is always with the next one in line and not you cause egos and change are like bleach on black pants; one can’t support the needs of the other. and cause whoever is attempting to wash black pants with bleach knows nothing about how laundry works.