we’re coming up to see you!” she wrote.

i stared at all the crazy emoji’s wondering if she knew my address. showing up is one thing but knowing where to show up a whole other thing. i wondered how to respond until realizing it wasn’t a question. i was looking for a hint of timing. it’s not like she gave a day of the week or even something as evasive as soon.

so i didn’t respond at all.

instead i went off on a tangent questioning when i became so high and mighty that i can’t be bothered to reply to someone. it kind of worked but i still didn’t reply. my fortune teller vibes tells me something bad will happen if i say something the wrong way and i trust the vibes so for now silence wins.

there’s also that guy that’s been on my mind. pretty sure i’ve never written about him before but i’ve worked with for a few years now so feel (or felt) kinda sure i had his energy down. but no, we’re on year three and it seems he’s like a totally different person (at least to me) than before. that thing inside me starts twisting in knots again whenever i have to talk to him. he doesn’t make me nervous and seems kind (at least in tone) but there’s definitely something weird (low key condescending maybe) in his energy that wasn’t there before. it’s been bugging me all week but today i decided i can’t work with him anymore. he almost feels like an overnight asshole success even though there’s nothing real or imagined pointing to that kind of popularity. hoping an answer will come this week so i don’t have to write about it anymore.