un vestido para cada ocasión

y today es domingo! two out of three projects completed. unexpected two hour work sesh with my top type a fella. a one on one with the weather. a robert frost anniversary kind of day. a breakin’ some glasses and filling the rest up halfway kind of night. we are on day five and although it feels strange i’m hopeful strange is more on the side of slightly normal than slightly cra-cra. two wins from the week overall and the realization that i’m not nearly as humble as i should be. actually, one of the wins will take me back to a passion i had in the 1900’s but had to leave for logistical reasons. i’m 99.99% sure it will humble me, bring me back to feeling a little less hippity hoppity about things like wins and losses. stared at the girl in her sleep last night and realized how much she’s grown the last several years. she’s nearly as tall as me and when i’m not looking wears my clothes which strikes me as odd and brings back memories of when i’d wear my mom’s clothes to school, but not because of style – oh no; mom had a phase where she dressed like a ninety-year old hippie. i think it’s cause that’s the easiest kind of get up to put together when you’re feeling rich at the salvation army. i wore her clothes cause the ones she got for me were from street vendors in mexico. i wish that were a joke but no; you could get a hot dog, a watch and a neon green polyester top and short outfit, size twelve and complete with shoulder pads cause god forbid you head to junior high without looking like a linebacker. all this she got right on the boulevard next to the mariachis and i think she felt proud cause they weren’t used and i guess she tried but for sure i didn’t express gratitude. whenever i could i’d go to school looking like a magazine cutout of a tribal african kid with pigtails. yeah. they laughed. but it was better than those skin tight polyester outfits that were responsible for teaching me about camel toes, headlights and badonkadonks. i’d wished and wished for a simple dress any day of the week but no dress was granted. guess they don’t hold up well next to mustard, ketchup and a handful of too touchy touchy borrachos.