a short-lived pseudo family friendship

alas she has crossed lines i didn’t even know i had and so it must come to an end.

6 unanswered texts with urgent requests, 1 ask for money, 9 unanswered phone calls and 3 unanswered voicemails after “knowing” me for 30 minutes is beyond my compassion pay grade.

today she’s getting blocked. later i’ll work out feeling like an asshole.

life is generally drama-free in my world and i’m determined not to let anyone in that would adversely disturb the equilibrium lost in childhood and found in adulthood. it’s challenging enough for a person to switch the drama on their own channels, let alone carry the burden of convincing another that you’re not the right actor for their upcoming season.

it seems to me that if i can’t build a space of trust and peace with someone then i likely can’t build anything worthy of sustaining long-term and if family and friendship isn’t long-term then it’s not really family and friendship but a rerun of finale after finale after finale.