who knows knows

Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology, etc.

great grandma had a name i’ve yet to hear given to anyone else except her. someone once wished me good luck finding it anywhere on the internets. either i ran out of luck or access to the right internets cause i never found her name and no one in the family could explain where it came from. i always figured it had to be a mix of two or more names. but a bad mix. the lore about my name comes from mom. she said the father named me. not the father. my father. according to her she wanted to name me after both my grandma and great grandma. he didn’t like the older ladies name so took some letters out to make it my first. maybe he got the idea from a book character or maybe he was drunk on cookies one day and had an aha moment. it wasn’t in the box of questions i once delivered to him. oh well.